Such an unusual year marked by the health emergency may yet bring something new to Perugia in July as far as museum visits are concerned: real visits naturally.

In actual fact, various agencies and organisations, among them CRIS (centro di ricerca e intervento sociale), our partner in former projects, have planned workshop visits for mothers and their children, first at the Palazzo della Penna, then at the Galleria nazionale dell’Umbria and finally at the Collezione Marabottini.

 The reflection on motherhood will involve children and adolescents along with their mums in sensory experiences, and the activities will also be accessible to persons with physical challenges or special educational needs (BES: bisogni educativi speciali).

The visits will be very lively and ‘hands-on’ involving the creation of both audio and visual material to be made available afterwards on the sites of the Centro Studi Umanistici per l’Umbria,as well as on social platforms where a new virtual community can describe the experience shared, thus documenting this innovative departure.

The aim of the project is to support womanhood that so often is forced to face difficulties, anxiety and obstacles, sometimes in extreme solitude.

The discovery of works of art that portray womanhood can reveal – to those who visit the museums – aspects and nuances of the joy and fullness of the mother/child relationship. This is the scope of the initiative proposed for 2020.

The quarantine has so far prevented the workshops from taking place but they will begin at the end of June.

The July dates are set for the 5th and the 12th at Palazzo della Penna. Other meetings will be placed on the calendar after 15 July when the Galleria nazionale and the Collezione Marabottini are expected to re-open.

The workshops anticipate a minimum of 8 participants who need do nothing more than arrive at the museum totally willing to get involved, enjoying the experience of contact with shapes, colours, dimensions, material … in a word, with the uniqueness of the art.

Buon Maman.Vlog, then, to those fortunate people who will spend some of July in the museums of Perugia!