What we do


  • Individual and group lessons
  • Courses for families
  • Play-based courses for children and adolescents
  • Italian for tourism
  • Visits to wineries, museums and cities
  • Italian for specific purposes
  • Diction courses
  • Urban trekking
  • Nature walks
  • Cookery courses
  • Guided visits to local wineries, breweries and cashmere outlets
  • Ceramics workshops
  • Skype and online lessons
Walk-talk Umbria


Don’t like to be stuck in a classroom? Let’s go for a walk and speak Italian outdoors.

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You find staying in one place boring? Then this is the lesson for you! We offer lessons while walking through the city or in the countryside. Movement is an excellent learning strategy because it carries oxygen to the brain and makes the learner more curious and receptive. We organize material to use during our walk. We talk, observe and describe what surrounds us. The lesson always begins with a work plan and an objective but everything moves along dynamically. Studying the imperfect tense while strolling through the city centre will be a breeze!
Custom-made teaching

Custom-made teaching

A course specially designed for you, based on your interests and tastes.

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You love soccer? You’d like to learn to write in Italian as if it were your mother tongue? You need Italian because you want to be a classical singer? Let us take care of it: we’ll prepare material and activities in keeping with your curiosity and objectives. We will arrange the place and the schedule of lessons according to your availability. In short, a course custom made for you!
Cappuccino or aperitivo? Umbria

Cappuccino or aperitivo?

Let’s start the day together with a cappuccino at the bar or end it with a drink while speaking Italian.

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Learning a language in a real-life setting while enjoying a great coffee lets students learn effectively, showing what they know. It is the ideal situation to increase one’s knowledge in a relaxed and entertaining way. Let’s start the day together with a cappuccino at the bar or end it with an aperitif.
Italian for parents and children. Umbria

Italian for parents and children

Would you like to learn Italian but don’t know anyone with whom you can leave your children? We have the solution: one teacher for Mom and Dad and another teacher to play with your children in Italian.

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One teacher for Mom and Dad and another teacher to play with the children in Italian. The Lingua Libera Tutti team has years of experience in teaching Italian to non-native speaking children of pre-school and school age. In this way, we have produced a huge supply of games and activities to entertain children and to give them a taste of the Italian language. The parents can focus totally on their lesson and learn Italian in the best way possible with a teacher all to themselves while the children play language games with another teacher.
Learning Italian at home Umbria

Learning Italian at home

Would you like to learn Italian without having to go out? We can hold the lessons comfortably in your living room.

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Sitting on the sofa, sipping your favourite herbal tea, you will find that studying can be comfortable and enjoyable. You will be calm and relaxed and so you will learn more and better. When you feel at ease, everything seems easier! Objectives are identified and set at the start based on your requirements, and even the schedule can be flexible.
When in Perugia, do as the Perugini Umbria

When in Perugia, do as the Perugini

Would you like to learn about the habits of Italians and discover their regular haunts?  Let’s explore the real life of the city together.

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Perhaps you have already stopped for a drink in a bar but not in this hidden street, in the small local where tourists never go. You may have bought things in a shop in town but you’ve never been to the market. You can go with us! You’ll learn Italian and discover Italian culture, living it yourself. And when you find that you’re beginning to feel a bit Italian yourself in that atmosphere, learning will be simpler.
weekend Umbria


Do you want to learn some Italian or improve on what you already know but don’t have much time? You can do it in a weekend.

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You can devote 2 hours of your Saturday and Sunday to an aspect of the Italian language and culture of particular interest to you. Your level of knowledge of the language doesn’t matter; what we want is to use the time at our disposal in the best way possible to satisfy your curiosity and to enjoy an unforgettable lesson. You’ll learn the language quickly since the need to learn it in a few hours acts as a stimulus to succeed. There is little time to think about it, little time to lose and you’ll find yourself in an electrifying experience of CONCENTRATED ITALIAN.

Our prices

A teaching hour corresponds to 60 minutes. We build your course according to your requirements and the time you have available, therefore we agree a price with you. Feel free to contact us to arrange a formula that suits you.

Read about the experiences of some of our students in the accounts below to get a general idea.


weekend package + aperitif


Kate and Chuck, an American married couple, came to Umbria for a weekend to visit Perugia with the intention of learning some Italian. On both Saturday and Sunday morning, they did a two-hour lesson at the resort where they were staying. They learned the most important phrases needed to communicate in Italian and to interact with Italians. On Saturday evening we met for an aperitif. Sitting at a small table in a bar in the town centre of Perugia, we talked about the ritual of the aperitivo in Italy: what one drinks, where and when it takes place and how it differs from the custom in their own country. The couple left Perugia on Sunday evening. The  four lessons and the aperitif in town cost them €200.

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Home lessons package + two walks


Barry is an American student who came to Perugia for two weeks and preferred to have private lessons at home for two hours a day on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In addition to improving his command of the language, he wanted to explore the city and really experience it, so on both Saturdays, we met to walk around and see places where the natives of the city, the Perugini, can be found.

The walks were very entertaining: we had an aperitivo at a wine bar in town, ate typical Umbrian food and talked about the habits of Italians. Barry did 12 hours of lessons and two walks in town and paid €360.

Special offer! Today you’ll pay 250€ instead of 325€! Contact us!