May is the last month for eating oranges and kiwis although kiwis can still be found on market stands even in June.

Strawberries begin to make their appearance in April and by May are really good and their lovely colour brightens our tables. They are great to nibble on for a light snack or to end a meal and show up well in fruit salads or in desserts whether home-made or from confectioners’ shops. And perfectly paired with cream they’ll disappear in no time!Still, it is important not togorge on them; rather they should be eaten in reasonable quantities because strawberries are considered to be a fruit with high allergenic potential.

May is also the time for medlars and the first cherries and, at the end of the month, the first apricots. Medlars are gathered still unripe and put on sale immediately. The soft pulp inside them surrounds two shiny, smooth pits of a lovely brown colour that contrasts nicely with the orange colour of the fruit. If we are fortunate enough to eat a ripened one, it has a sweet taste. They are as rich in vitamins and minerals as they are low in calories.

Cherries are among the most mouth-watering fruit that nature has to offer: the saying is that ‘una tira l’altra’ or you can’t stop at one! They usually reach our tables from Romagna and are refreshing, especially during the first hot days. They are somewhat pricey but to taste this early produce we are quite ready to loosen the purse strings. To enjoy one of the big, dark red ones, perhaps even while making a wish,who knows what we wouldn’t be ready to do! But we need to be careful, especially if it is children who are eating them. Too many can bring on a huge tummy ache.