With the change of season and after a suffocating summer such as that of 2022, we feel the need to build up our energy and spend time with others. And, actually, the autumn equinox of 2022 can provide the occasion to restore our balance both within and without before facing a difficult period, given the general context such as the rising cost of living and the energy supply.

Of course, it won’t be enough to solve every problem, but celebrating the equinox might help to cheer us up for a while. For Thursday, 22 September, Agriturismo Il corniolo of Perugia is organising a get-together to sing in a circle: open to everyone, the circle song will be led by Rhiannon, Lorenzo Sansoni and Charles Raszl. Link https://fb.me/e/2Ka3fqwqm

Even nutrition has its requirements to consider. So, it might not be bad to take part in the food festivals to celebrate the season’s great stars such as the onion and the potato. At Cannara, red onions and, at Pietralunga, white potatoes are the uncontested leading actors. At Pietralunga, on the second weekend of October, there is usually a fair to highlight truffles and white potatoes, an opportunity to taste some very fragrant local truffle gnocchi. Given the summer drought, who knows whether this year’s harvest will live up to the tradition. Let’s hope!