Beginning the year in a positive manner, we can take advantage of the slower tempo of winter in the best possible way. How? The key is in the brain, the organ most affected by the change of season because its function depends on light.

When darkness gets the upper hand, scents and aromas can relax and warm us: a cup of hot chocolate made with pure dark chocolate or a ginger tisane can give us a good jolt of optimism; just as a delicate face cream that protects against redness can give us the pleasant feeling of taking care of ourselves.

Then if we decide to go out, we can go to Spoleto near the Rocca Albornoz to visit the exhibition “Toccar con mano i Longobardi”, open until early March 2022. This is a tactile show with a range of multisensory possibilities, offering us the opportunity to admire in one visit the seven most prominent Lombard monuments present in Italy. Before that, we can also stop at Campello sul Clitunno near Palazzo Casagrande and find enrichment in the extraordinary work of reconstruction of Lombard daily life through fabric, clothing and jewellery: “Trame longobarde. Tra architettura e tessuti” is the exhibition, open until 20 February with free admission.

Then, in total serenity, we can wait for the snowdrops with their pure white corollas, growing freely in the woods, to break through the ground, a harbinger of rebirth.