Even if it is true that if you keep watching the clouds you’ll never get going, perhaps we should take advantage of winter to develop new perspectives in the quiet of the long evenings and nights of this season deprived of light.

A time when we stay at home more, a time when indolence takes over our lives, still winter offers us the comfort that it makes sense to stay home and enjoy it.

For example, a good way to make the most of staying in could be to use anti-cold herbs such as dog rose, a source of vitamin C, or thyme to keep the respiratory tract open. And too, various decoctions, herbal teas and infusions will warm us and protect us.

After the abundance of the Christmas holidays, another idea might be to spend more time focussing on cooking greater quantities of broccoli and a variety of cabbages for meals. Actually, thanks to their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, cleansing and antitumor properties, they will do us good for little cost. And maybe a steaming polenta with a good sauce would put some colour into Sunday dinner.

Speaking of winter colours and aromas, how can we resist the sight and taste of oranges, mandarin oranges, ginger, lemons and clementine? A good juice can chase a cold away and we’re ready to go again!

And if we are tired of staying in the house, we can take a look at what is on the programme at teatro Morlacchi and il cinema Postmodernissimo in Perugia to find the urge once again to get out a little and see something lovely in the company of others.