Since 1992, every year on 22 March, World Water Day, the UN celebrates that precious blue gold. This international anniversary is a useful moment to take stock of the state of health of our water and to encourage everyone to learn about the natural cycle and the water cycle that is part of it, particularly the children, training them in environmental sustainability. The web is full of drawings, units and brightly-coloured posters created by teachers and pupils to enhance the importance of this marvelous resource that makes life possible for us. Recovering water, or not wasting it, becomes fundamental in times of extreme climate change. And drinking a lovely glass of fresh water in the morning before breakfast is very healthy as Nanni Moretti said in Caro diario,that unforgettable 1993 film.

March, the month when spring begins, seems above all to inspire in us a desire for flowers and light. From the bright-yellow, fragrant mimosa that celebrates 8 March, International Women’s Day, we move on to Daylight Savings Time, Sunday, 27 March, when the sun gradually gets the upper hand over the dark. Knowing the instability of March weather, we can’t cheer just yet because there will certainly continue to be rain and storms, even accompanied by loud and blustering winds. Nor can snow be totally ruled out in March, as we well know! But at least it is made of water that we can turn into a precious reserve, and soon we will want to get outdoors in search of narcissi, primulas and violets.